The BEST-SELLING Zapper in the World!

The Terminator 2 Zapper

The Easiest-to-Use, Best-Selling Zapper in the World!

The Don Croft Terminator Zapper has the enviable reputation as the best-selling Hulda Clark zapper on the market. And it’s well deserved. The Terminator 2 is without doubt the most convenient, easiest-to-use zapper you can buy, and many, many of its users feel it is the most effective as well.

The owners of have sold well over 8,000+ Terminator’s since 2002. They have used them extensively for personal use and have talked with people from all over the world about them. They know zappers and, specifically, the Terminator 2 Zapper very well!

The Terminator is a very unique version of the typical Hulda Clark zapper. There is simply nothing else like it anywhere. There have been (and still are) a few attempts by others to make copy-cat versions of the Terminator, but none of these “wanna be’s” appear to be anywhere near as effective as the Terminator. So be careful if you are looking around on the internet and make sure you are purchasing a Terminator zapper that has been designed and manufactured by Don Croft. The Terminator 2 zapper sold on our website is always the latest version made by Don Croft and our units are rarely more than a few weeks or so old. We sell many, many dozens every month and have for years.

Unique Features of the Terminator Zapper

ORGONE MATERIAL – Dr. Wilhelm Reich coined the term “orgone” in the 1930′s and pioneered the use of orgone energy for healing and other functions.

NEODYMIUM MAGNET – Neodymium (rare earth) magnets are very powerful. Numerous studies show that magnetic therapies help stimulate circulation, reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. The magnet used in the Terminator 2 zapper helps increase the energy from the orgone material.

MOBIUS COIL – a coil of wire produces an energy field when pulsed with current. The Mobius coil in the Terminator 2 is no exception. Don Croft discovered that various components within the zapper design can organize and focus these energies.

NATURAL CRYSTAL – Don feels that spherical crystals provide a “smooth, calming” influence when used with his Terminator. He originally started with quartz crystals but is now working with amethysts and garnets.

Check out our Terminator FAQ’s and our How Does It Work? article by Don Croft and get familiar with what the Terminator is and how it works. If you still have questions check out the Terminator and Zapper KnowledgeBase by clicking the links below. There is a lot of information available so there is no reason to be confused, particularly before you buy.

If you aren’t comfortable with what a zapper is or does we respectfully suggest you do a bit more research and wait to make a purchase until you do have a reasonable level of comfort. We rarely have Terminators returned to us for any reason, and would rather keep it that way.

How much does it cost?

Only $122 plus shipping

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